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What Are You Looking For?

Antiquing is a fascinating experience. The hunt is the exciting part of any antique shopping experience. Finding the many treasures that others are willing to pass on to you.

Little Antique Mall consists of many dealers with a diverse inventory of items that are in many ways one-of-a-kind. Your opportunity to find these items which may have a history evolving to it's present day will be a unique shopping experience. Our market holds many of these experiences for you, as our 15,000 square foot shopping area gives you more than a few opportunities to discover the excitement of antique shopping.

Here are some tips for Antique Shopping that may help you:

What to Take in Your Car:

  • A tool kit to help take legs off tables, etc.
  • Blankets to wrap delicate purchases
  • Rope or heavy twine to tie items to the roof of the car
  • A tarp to wrap or cover items tied to the roof
  • A handful of plastic shopping bags
  • Bubble wrap or paper to keep china chip-free
  • Boxes to keep purchases from rolling around in the car

Arrive early
You'll kick yourself if you arrive at noon and see your "perfect" chandelier being carted off by someone else.
Go early and know what you're looking for.

Shop with an Eye
See how items are displayed to get creative ideas that might be adapted to your own home. Think innovatively so items meant for one use can be adapted for use in another way -- say industrial beakers used as vases, sewing maching cabinets modified to hold plants, cabinet doors that could be made into tabletops.

Have a plan
Some people like to make a quick circle of everything, then go back to what interests them. Others start in one corner and proceed slowly through each booth. And some go to an information booth to see if vendors are organized by item
(china, furniture, jewelry, etc.), then go the areas that interests them. Whatever your strategy, have a list of your favorite
items so you can stay focused.
See Possibilities
Even if something isn't "perfect" look beyond the rough exterior to see the bones of a piece. What would it look like painted black, or white? Could the frame be gold-leafed? Would that lamp base be perfect if you found a new shade? Could that cute chipped plate be hung high on a wall or broken up for a mosaic? Would a crackle finish renew that tired rocking chair?

Enjoy Yourself

You may not find something wonderful on every shopping trip, or you may buy something and later decide it isn't so perfect after all, yet it is often the thrill of the hunt that we remember fondly.
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