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Getting to Lincoln City and the Little Antique Mall, Inc.

From Portland, Oregon, Lincoln City is 86 miles away. Lincoln City is best reached by heading west on Highway 18. This direct route passes through Oregon's beautiful wine country and takes about 2 hours. Highway 18 ends at U. S. Highway 101. At this interchange you head south into Lincoln City. The Little Antique Mall is located at 3128 N. E. Highway 101.

From Salem, Lincoln City is approximately 50 miles. Head west on Highway 22 until Highway 22 intersects Highway 18. Follow Highway 18 west until reaching U.S. Highway 101, head south. From Salem, Lincoln City is just one hour away!

If you are already traveling on Highway 101, Lincoln City is located on the Central portion of the Oregon Coast. Lincoln City is located on the 45th parallel…we are half way between the earths equator and the north pole. Lincoln City is bordered to the west by the beautiful Pacific Ocean and to the east the Oregon Coast Range.

Please note that our parking lot access is maped in the image to the right. You will find parking off of Highway 101 whether you are heading North or South.

For more detailed information, please call our store at (541) 994-8572.



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