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Native Oregonians Dan and Rick each left home to experience the world. Dan moved to New England and Rick to San Diego, California. They came home to be closer to their respective families and met on the Oregon Coast in 1989. They still live there with their beloved Rita and Sami.

While in New England, Dan worked on a lot of old houses and developed an affinity for old painted wood; floors, doors and furniture. Rick worked in the corporate world and saw shiny brass, glass and black laquer as the epitomy of taste and class. He had little appreciation for the old 6 board blanket chests, painted cupboards and chairs that littered Dan’s home.

Dan had been dabbling in selling antiques since 1982 and had a small business going when he met Rick. Rick soon joined Dan in the business and the old paint got in his blood. A quick study with a keen business sense, Rick took the business from their little 500 square foot building to a larger structure next door.

Realizing that this was just not challenging enough to meet their long term needs, Rick and Dan began searching for a larger building to house their dream of a quality antique mall. In 1998, the Cline’s TrueValue Hardware Store, just three blocks from their Little Antique Store on Highway 101, closed and the owners gave wings to Rick and Dan’s dream.

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